Essential in almost all industrial settings is the practice of welding. Welding involves binding two materials together. Typically these two materials will be made of metal; however, it is also possible to weld thermoplastics. Since welding provides a strong, solid way to bind surfaces and structures together it is invaluable to many companies. Since we are aware of how important and vital the ability to weld things together can be it comes as no surprise that welding machines are one of our most rented pieces of equipment.

Welding works by melting part of the workpieces as well as adding a filler material. This creates a molten pool of metal than then coalesces into a strong, solid, joined surface. Welding is in contrast to soldering and brazing which join surfaces together only through the use of a lower melting point filler material without melting the workpieces at all.

There are many different types of welding however by far the most prevalent type of welding in modern times is arc welding. There are various types of machinery which can be used for arc welding and they are generally classified based on their power supply. These include:

  • Transformer
  • Generator and Alternator
  • Inverter

However, in addition to these types of arc welding machines there are other types of welding which use different processes. Gas welding was actually the precursor of modern welding and is still in use in some areas. There is also a more recent type of welding that uses energy beams. This method of power is used for laser beam welding and electron beam welding.

Welding is a fundamental functionality on many industrial sites. Welding can even be done offshore or underwater to repair rigs, boats, and other equipment. In fact welding can even be done in outer space which means it will very likely continue to have applications even in the space age.

With so much potential benefit and so many varied uses for welding machines we are very pleased to offer a range of different welding machines available for rental. We keep our rates as affordable and easy as possible and you can order multiple machines, or different types of machines as needed. Please contact us for more information on your heavy equipment rental needs. Whether it is a large crane or a small welding machine, we will be more than happy to help you get the job done. As always…if you are unsure what machine best fits your job’s specific needs, just give us a call and we can send someone out to assess the project and determine the right machine for the work..