The skidsteer loader is one of the most versatile and unique pieces of equipment on any work site. It is a small, compact piece of equipment that is nevertheless extremely powerful. Some people may recognize it by the term “Bobcat;” however, this term is inaccurate since Bobcat is a specific manufacturer and doesn’t refer to the machine itself. The skidsteer’s lift arms can be used to change out and attach a variety of different equipment making it useful for many different purposes. It derives its name from the fact that when it turns it is designed to skid. We are pleased to offer this useful machine as one of our rental options.

The skidsteer is typically a vehicle with four wheels. These wheels are mechanically locked on each side in synchronization with each other. The left drive wheels and the right drive wheels can be driven independently of each other. By rotating the left and right wheel pairs at different speeds this results in the machine turning by skidding. The benefit of this seemingly unusual turning technique is that it allows the machine to zero-radius, “pirouette”style turning. This makes it extremely extremely maneuverable.

The other big benefit of the of the skidsteer is the versatility of its lift arms. Various different types of equipment can be attached to the lift arms though the standard is the conventional bucket most often used is excavating. In addition to the bucket though, the skidsteer can also attach things like: a backhoe, angle broom, dumping hopper, trencher, roller, hydraulic breaker, sweeper, pallet forks, auger, stump grinder, ripper, tree spade, mower, snow blower, tillers, tilt, grapple, wheel saw, snow blade, cement mixer, and wood chipper machine. As you can see the possibilities are almost limitless and to top it all off many models are now being designed with automatic attachment changer mechanisms which make the changing process much easier.

Skidsteers are great whenever power, a compact size, and high maneuverability are called for. Their power often enables them to eliminate the need for larger excavating equipment. This has the added bonus of allowing these smaller pieces of equipment to fit into much tighter spaces than their larger counterparts would. They are often used for digging under an existing structure for purposes such as adding a basement or any other type of underground work.

We are very pleased to offer the skidsteer as one of our most rented pieces of rental equipment and we keep a sizable fleet to make sure that we have enough machines to meet your needs. Please let us know if you need a representative to come out and meet with you to determine the scope of the project and the number of machines needed. We can help you determine the length of time needed and the packages we offer to help you get the job done..