The manlift is an essential piece of equipment at many work sites. It is designed to efficiently and safely raise and lower people from level to another. This may seem like a basic task, but it considerably saves on the time and energy that would be expended using a traditional ladder. This is especially true if the work being done requires frequent ascents and descents. Since we understand how helpful this item can been to our customers we are pleased to be able to offer it as one of our equipment rental options.

The manlift consists of a vertical piece of equipment that is placed near the various landings that will be ascended or descended by workers and other visitors to the worksite. The machine powers a revolving belt with handles and platforms attached to it. When someone wishes to go to a different level they simply step onto the platform and hold on to the handles for safety. The hoist is designed to rotate at speeds that can safely be maintained while people step on and off of the machine.

Since the manlift equipment consists of many motorized moving parts proper safety and maintenance are very important. It is essential to make sure that the machine is properly lubricated and that all of the moving parts are safely secured. Furthermore people riding the manlift should always face the belt and only one person should ride on each platform. Following these safety precautions will ensure that no accidents occur and that the manlift remains in good condition.

As stated before the manlift saves quite a bit on the time and energy of the workers. This is especially true for long ascents that need to be made frequently and particularly if the person riding the manlift is also carrying or wearing a lot of tools and equipment. It is much easier on people to ride the manlift than to use a ladder and of course it is more practical to install and use than any kind of temporary stairs or elevator.

Here at GTI we make rental of the manlift as easy and economical as possible. We also make sure that all of our machines are safe, well-maintained, and in great condition. We can also get them to your worksite quickly. Please contact us for rates and other information regarding the rental of this vital piece of equipment. .