When people think of an industrial work site it is likely that the images that come to mind include a dusty or fume-filled area that is also very warm, or even downright hot. Of course industrial work sites need not been uncomfortable, unpleasant places, but there is some truth in this mental image due to all the heavy machinery being operated and the dust and debris being stirred around. That is why industrial air conditioners are such an important piece of equipment to have on hand in work sites.

An air conditioner is designed to keep humidity levels stable – either humidifying or dehumidifying as needed – while also removing dust and debris from the air. In addition to these important functions one of the most commonly understood and most frequently thought of purposes of an air conditioner is to cool the room or area and make it more comfortable for the people present. These services are never more important than they are when it comes to an industrial setting precisely because these settings can get so hot, dusty, humid, or dry, so fast thanks to all the equipment being run and work being done.

An air conditioner works by moving air over cooling coils. These coils contain liquid coolant and as the air circulates around them it is cooled. In turn the coils absorb some of the heat from the air, and as a result the liquid coolant changes to a gas state. The coolant gas then moves through the coils to the air conditioner’s compressor where it is once again cooled into a liquid form. While the gas coolant moves to the compressor, more liquid coolant travels through the coils to replace the displaced gas coolant, thereby creating a stable system. The air conditioner’s output is measured in tons and this is actually a term and measurement which derives from the early days of room cooling in which ton blocks of ice was used to cool a room. In this way it is similar to the term ‘horse power’ in cars which refers to how many horses could generate the amount of power being discussed.

An industrial air conditioner will have a much larger ton load output than a smaller, home air conditioner. This will in turn mean that it can effectively cool a larger, hotter area. This is extremely important to keep workers from becoming overheated. As mentioned above the air conditioner will also remove many unwanted materials from the air which will in turn make it more pleasant and safer to breathe. The cooling and dust removal done by an industrial air conditioner is even likely to benefit the equipment present in the site because it will help prevent the equipment from becoming overheated and will also help prevent it from becoming clogged by dust and debris.

GTI is very pleased to offer industrial air conditioner rental to our customers as a service. Thus industrial air conditioners can be rented in peak summer time conditions or when a big project must be undertaken quickly, and then can be returned without the unnecessary expense of outright buying and storing these units. We keep our air conditioners in excellent condition to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. Please contact our rental specialists for more information..