The impact or impact wrench is a very common type of industrial tool. In addition to the names already listed it may also be called the impactor, an air wrench, an air gun, a rattle gun, a torque gun, or a windy gun. Regardless of its name, this tool refers to a socket wrench power tool that is designed to deliver a high amount of torque with minimal exertion by the user. This is accomplished by the device storing kinetic energy in a rotating mass which is then suddenly delivered to the target. This useful tool is seen very frequently in industrial settings and provides a very valuable service.

The impact wrench can use a number of different power sources with the most common being compressed air. However, electric or hydraulic power is also frequently seen and in recent times cordless electric impact wrench have become increasingly popular. Impact wrenches are available in a full range of standard sizes and generally can be used for jobs requiring nuts and bolts as small as 1/4’’ up to as large as 3.5’. The tool acquires the kinetic energy it uses by rotating a mass within the tool. When the energy is abruptly discharged this results in a high impact torque being applied to its target. Typically the target will be a nut, bolt, or screw and by absorbing the delivered energy the target will be tightened or loosened as desired.

This tool comes in a wide variety of options and in addition to being available in a full range of sizes it can also be seen in several different styles. One of the most common styles is the “pistol grip” although “inline” and “butterfly” options are also frequently seen. As stated above the impact wrench may also use a come as a pneumatic tool, hydraulic tool, or electric tool. The different styles and power sources all come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages in terms of weight, maneuverability, power, noise, and comfort. Many users also have their own personal preferences which they may feel outweighs small advantages or disadvantages.

The main reason that impact tools are so popular, however, is the same regardless of which type of impact tool is being discussed. For the most part the impact tool is designed to offer an effective delivery of force while saving the tool operator energy and force. In other words the impact wrench is specifically designed to make work easier when it comes to fastening or unfastening nuts, bolts, or screws. The impact wrench is extremely well suited to this task and for that reason it is one of the most popular and pervasive tools seen in any worker’s arsenal of tools.

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