The hydraulic torque wrench has truly revolutionized the way large bolts are handled at the industrial level. This extremely useful and popular tool is designed to deliver a predetermined amount of torque to a nut with a properly lubricated fastener. They offer many advantages in terms of accuracy and performance and they are an indispensable part of many industrial tool kits.

The hydraulic torque wrench was first introduced in the 1960s. It was invented by George A. Sturdevant in Houston, Texas. Since that first, early model the hydraulic torque wrench has undergone quite a few changes and advancements. It has continued to evolve in ability, style, and function, making it an even more valuable and useful tool than its earliest predecessor. Today’s wrenches are smaller and lighter weight which makes them more effective in a number of different settings which might involve limited space or more delicate surfaces and structures. n addition to the weight and size advancements, the technology has also evolved to allow the operation of multiple tools from a single power pack. This greatly improves the speed and efficiency with which a job can get done. Plus today’s hydraulic torque wrench is able to swivel a full 360 degrees which gives it an amazing range of motion.

A hydraulic torque wrench is defined as a wrench which applies torque using only hydraulic power and which must be self ratcheting. In addition to these criteria the torque wrench must also have the ability to accurately determine the amount of torque applied to the bolt. This power and accuracy gives the hydraulic torque wrench a strong advantage over many other tools. It is also much quieter to operate than a pneumatic impact wrench which would be capable of delivering a similar amount of torque. This added benefit helps keep noise pollution down which is great if the work is being done at a business or residential site. Even if the work is being done at a regular industrial site the added quiet helps cut down on some of the noise pollution present and makes for a more pleasant work environment. In addition to being quieter than the pneumatic impact wrench it is also lighter weight.

Hydraulic torque wrenches are extremely accurate tools and typically function within a 3% range of precision. This accuracy and precision makes them a great choice for jobs that require consistent, repeated results. This gives them a distinct advantage in industrial settings because that precision and accuracy is highly desirable and it is often very essential that the outcome be highly similar across all bolts.

Here at GTI we are very pleased to have hydraulic torque wrenches available in our inventory of rental equipment. These rental wrenches are a huge advantage to our customers because it avoids the necessity of having to purchase the expensive tool as well as store and maintain it. We feel that our customers can greatly benefit from this convenience and we are always available to answer any additional questions or address other concerns that you may have in regards to the hydraulic torque wrench..