Hydraulic tools are extremely popular and pervasive in industrial settings because they are so effective and powerful. A hydraulic tool is one that is powered by liquid power. It is in direct contrast to pneumatic tools which are powered by air. People rely on hydraulic tools to perform a wide variety of very important industrial functions and they are also the tool of choice for many underwater, marine projects.

An hydraulic marine tool is simply an hydraulic tool which is used for underwater purposes. These types of tools can include things like drills, pumps, grinders, saws, and an array of other categories. Many people are surprised by the diversity of these categories and often wouldn’t expect them all to be able to operate in a similar manner. However, not only do hydraulic tools exist for all these options, hydraulic tools are an extremely good choice for these marine jobs because they are so powerful and they hold up well and function normally in underwater settings. Frequently hydraulic tools are a much better option for marine projects than any other type of tool.

Hydraulic tools work through the principle that force applied to one point in the system will travel through the liquid and be applied to another point in the system. A series of cylinders and hoses allows the flow of the liquid and the resulting force. The force itself can be manipulated and greatly increased through altering the size of the cylinders, chambers, and hoses, and their relative positions to each other. This makes hydraulic tools extremely powerful and efficient. Marine hydraulic tools work under the same principles but are designed to do so underwater.

The application of hydraulic tools to underwater, marine settings is extremely important and beneficial because underwater operations become inherently more difficult and potentially dangerous. With an underwater project it is much more difficult for workers to access the site and to do so with the same dexterity and flexibility that they would enjoy above the water’s surface. In addition the water pressure, marine life, and the chemical processes of the water itself make the environment more hostile to effective operation. That is why hydraulic tools which retain their integrity and power, even underwater, are so crucial to so many industrial work sites.

GTI is very pleased to offer a wide variety of different hydraulic marine tools for rental to our customers. We also keep our inventory well-stocked and we make it a point to have an array of different options because we know that it isn’t always easy to anticipate exactly what will be needed and we never want our customers to have to do without or to have to wait for a long period of time for a tool to become available. Please contact our rental specialists for more information..