One of the absolute most basic pieces of equipment at any industrial site is the hose and the various hose fittings. In fact these items are so common and basic that many people don’t even think about them when they consider equipment. It’s very easy for the hose and hose fittings to merely disappear into the background and be forgotten. However, hoses and good hose fittings have a crucial role to play in most industrial settings and it would be a mistake to discount their importance.

Hose Fittings

The Purpose

At its most basic, the purpose of a hose is to transfer one flowing substance from an original point to a new destination. If the substance needs to flow through multiple hoses, or from a piece of machinery into a hose then that is where hose fittings come into place. Hose fittings are designed to ensure that there is a good connection between two hoses or between the hose and piece of machinery or other chamber. Having a good hose fitting will prevent leakage and ensure that a correct, steady pressure is maintained.

While that is the most basic definition of a hose and hose fitting the specifics can vary quite a bit based on the particulars involved. For instance a hose may be used to transfer a huge range of different things, including both liquids and gases. A hose will be an integral part of many different pumps and compressors and will also be present in most types of engines. The hose fittings will be used around these hoses and equipment to ensure that a good connection is made and that no leakage will occur.

The Uses

Hoses are used for a wide number of different pressures. Some hoses are designed to have a very high pressure substance flowing through them while others are made for low or medium pressure. In all cases it is essential that the hose does not crack or burst and that it allows the flow of substance at the proper pressure. Many hoses will also be designed to allow the substance to change pressures. Having the proper hose fitting is essential in these types of situations because the hoses must stay attached even if the pressure is increased. That makes the job of the hose fitting all the more important. The hose fitting itself must also be able to survive and retain its working integrity in the setting in which it is used. For example it shouldn’t rust or crack as a result of weather conditions.

How GTI Rental Can Help

Having the proper hose for your task is one of the most important parts of safety and effective operations. Not all hoses can withstand all types of substances and pressures and using the wrong hose or using a hose that needs to be replaced can lead to a very hazardous situation. By the same token using the incorrect hose fitting, or using a hose fitting that is worn out can also yield dangerous, or at the very least sub par results. That is why GTI is so pleased to be able to supply our customers with a huge range of various, high quality hoses and hose fittings..