Forklift with Pallets

A standard piece of equipment in any warehouse or industrial setting is the forklift. Forklifts are essential for being able to move and store heavy pallets of merchandise, equipment, or general items. With such an important purpose, and because they need to function in a variety of different settings, it is no wonder that the forklift is itself one of the most varied pieces of equipment around. The good news is that we have forklifts for rent to meet almost any of your needs.

A forklift is a small, wheeled vehicle with two flat forks extending outward from a motorized mast. The forks are designed to slid into place through a pallet and then the mast is used to raise the forks, thereby lifting the loaded pallet and allowing it to be moved to a new location. This is a straightforward concept, but it is nevertheless extremely essential and the various types of forklifts and their specialties can vary considerably.

Forklifts can be powered through a number of different means. The forklift may be electrically powered, or it may use gasoline, diesel, butane, kerosene, or propane. In fact on the bottom end of the spectrum a forklift may not even be attached to a motorized vehicle and all and may simply be a hand pumped pallet jack that is then wheeled where needed manually. While this low tech version may be a good solution in some settings motorized, vehicular forklifts are greatly preferred for moving and storing items on a larger scale.

Nowadays forklifts are also specialized for a number of different particular circumstances and demands. For instance “explosion proof” forklifts may be used in volatile settings such as some chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical plants. There are a number of different forklifts designed and specialized for use in very narrow aisle or other settings where space is limited. Some forklifts are also designed to be able to rotate the truck a full 360 degrees making it much easier to maneuver and rendering turning around unnecessary.

Whatever your specific needs are for a forklift we are confident that our rental specialists will be able to find the right piece of equipment for you. We keep a well stocked fleet of forklifts and can generally have them out to you in a quick time frame. Please contact us for more information or let us know if you need someone to come out and help assess your needs. We have experts that can tell you the power and strength of each level of forklift we carry..