Earth Moving Equipment

In order for many construction projects to get off the ground, excavation is usually necessary so that buildings can have a solid foundation. Earth moving equipment is the most effective way for construction crews to prepare a site for a building because they help workers move much more earth in a shorter amount of time than workers would be able to do without them. Check out this handy guide to earth moving equipment to learn more.

The Capabilities of Earth Moving Equipment

Earth moving equipment, also known as earth movers and heavy machinery, allows you to dig out an area quickly and efficiently. Before earth moving machine technology was harnessed, the tool most commonly used to for excavation and earth moving was the shovel, plain and simple. So, say a working man in good physical condition could dig out a 5×5 hole in two to three hours. That means it would take one man eight to twelve hours to dig a hundred square feet—that is if he takes no breaks and is capable of digging at a consistent pace for the entire time. By contrast, one backhoe loader, depending on its size, could dig up to 14 feet in a single scoop, with a more than 6,000 pound carrying capacity, resulting in a much faster pace of work that requires the efforts of fewer workers.

How Earth Movers Work

The challenge for all earth moving machines is this: how can one work with basic physics to get more work done without increasing the amount of force being used? Increasing the ratio of input to output without increasing force is known as gaining mechanical advantage. In the example of the man digging above, there is little room for mechanical advantage when it comes to shoveling dirt. In order for people to be able to move more earth without increasing the amount of force being applied, an outside power source is required.

For today’s machines, this power is supplied mainly by hydraulic drives. These devices allow a small amount of force to be multiplied into a larger force through the use of hydraulic cylinders, which can give pushing forces exponential in size through linear strokes compared to the initial force used. The result is all kinds of excavators, back hoes, diggers, and even tunnel borers that are capable of displacing large amounts of dirt much faster than before.

The Necessity of Earth Moving Equipment

As you are probably starting to guess, without earth moving equipment, the digging required to prepare a site for construction would take a long time. Depending on the ease of digging, it might not even be possible in areas where the ground is especially hard or rocky. Because foundations are a necessary part of building safe and stable structures in many areas, earth moving equipment is necessary.

Preparing your site for construction is easier and much more efficient when you have the power earth moving equipment provides you with. With the right machines, you can move larger volumes of earth in shorter periods of time so that you can complete construction projects on time and keep clients happy. Because we understand how useful and important these machines can be, we are happy to offer earth moving equipment for rent to our customers..