Chain Hoists

When it comes to lifting large, heavy objects a chain hoist is one piece of equipment that you definitely don’t want to be without. Chain hoists are small, portable hoists used to lift large loads or heavy objects. These indispensable tools use the basic principles of a pulley system to change the amount of tension in the lifting chain. This reduces the amount of force the operator needs to exert, making it easy to raise an object that would otherwise be impossible to lift. In other words: it makes you stronger. Here’s how it works.

A lever or an operating chain is used to activate a lifting chain which is looped through a pulley that is attached to a stationary overhead point such as a rafter or a beam. A hook is then used to secure the object that needs to be lifted; a chain is often wrapped around the load for added safety as well. Chain hoists rated for smaller loads may be manually operated, while those rated for heavier load capacities are often operated electrically or pneumatically. Some styles may also include a mechanical load brake. This gives the operator better control when lifting objects.

Chain hoists are commonly used in auto repair shops. They enable the mechanics to quickly and easily lift engines out of vehicles so that motor be repaired more efficiently. Sometimes it is necessary to get the engine out of the way in order to replace other parts under the hood. Many do-it-yourselfers also utilize chain hoists to perform repairs on their vehicle at home. Chain hoists can also be mounted to the rafters in a storage shed or garage to lift small boats. This makes it more convenient to perform seasonal maintenance on boats or perform small repairs to the bottom of the boat.

Chain hoists are sometimes referred to as come-a-longs because they can also be used to pull joints together or move a heavy load from one point to another. They are very useful in construction and industrial applications. For example, the frame of a house can be pulled together while being raised using a chain hoist or come-a long. Machinery can be moved from one side of an industrial warehouse, woodworking worship or other large space to another. Come-a-longs are frequently used to move boats and cars as well.

Using a chain hoist will enable you to lift and move heavy objects quickly, easily and safely. As with any type of equipment, you will want to exercise caution when using a chain hoist or come-a-long. Don’t ever try to lift or pull anything that weighs more than the load size capacity that the chain hoist is rated for. This can result in a failure of the lifting chain and can result in damage to the load or serious injury to the operator. Also, no one should ever stand underneath the chain hoist for any reason. Proper use and execution of a chain hoist will make jobs more efficient and save you significant time and effort. We are pleased to rent chain hoists and come-a-longs to our customers to help with whatever task is at hand..