Why You Need A Beam Trolley

A beam trolley is a piece of equipment that makes lifting and moving heavy loads easier. It allows heavy materials to be moved safely without the risk of injury to personnel trying to lift it themselves. It is used heavily in the construction and production industries and can often be seen in use in commercial and maintenance settings. One place where it is used a lot is in factories that contain assembly lines. The beam trolley can transport items along the line quickly and easily without taking up a lot of floor space in the factory.

There are a variety of different types of beam trolleys. Each type works a little bit differently, but they all are used to lift and move loads from one place to another.

  • Non-Powered Beam Trolley: These trolleys rely on manual labor to transport loads. They are an attractive option for people looking for a trolley that is less expensive. They are usually fairly light weight and can be easily transported from place to place. There are a few different varieties of non-powered beam trolleys available on the market today. The most common types are listed below.
  • Push and Geared Travel Beam Trolleys: These trolleys contain points which can be anchored to a beam and suspended. They feature hooks that carry the load across the length of the beam. A hand operated chain is attached to the trolley and moves it across the beam. Its mechanism works a lot like the one employed in venetian blinds in that pulling and pushing on the chain moves the trolley. These types of trolleys are adjustable; some even have certain pivoting options available.
  • Wheel Guard, Anti Drop Plate Beam Trolleys: These trolleys are light weight, easy to operate and mobile. They work especially well in maintenance applications for reaching the high corners of a skyscraper. They are adjustable, allowing them to fit any width of beam. Because they do not require separate tools for installation, they are extremely convenient. There are models that are light-weight, making them ideal for use in residential and workshop settings.
  • Electric Travel Beam Trolleys: This type of trolley does not require any manual handling in order to operate. The operator simply sets the speed and other specifications and lets the trolley do the rest. These are especially useful in areas that may pose a safety hazard to personnel such as in refineries or other areas where harsh chemicals are used. Another industry where they are used is in butcher shops. Stacks of meat are moved along the line by beam trolleys at fixed time intervals. The time is set so that the chopper has time to process each piece of meat.

No matter the type of beam trolley, they all make lifting and moving heavy items easier. They can be used for a variety of different applications and can really serve to speed up production. If you are in need of a beam trolley, consider renting one from us. We are happy to outfit you with one that will fit your needs. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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