The Air Mover is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment found at many industrial sites. It can be used for a huge range of different functions and it often ends up being the unsung hero of the work site. However, despite the potential benefits and its high degree of prevalence, many people are unfamiliar of what exactly an Air Mover is. Furthermore, many people who use them on a regular basis may not have thought about all of their potential useful applications.

Air Movers use a truly ingenious design to maximize their effectiveness. Despite using only a minimal amount of compressed air for their power source, Air Movers nevertheless manage to have a significant effect on their targets. This is achieved through a process called the Venturi effect which in its simplest terms involves the increasing of air pressure due to its flow through a constricted pipe or tube.


There are almost an infinite number of creative, useful things that one can do with an Air Mover machine; however, by and large they can be classified into a few main categories.

Blowing: The blowing of the air from the Air Mover can achieve several things. It can be used to ventilate work areas, cool motors and other work objects, or humidify an area by spraying a mist in front of the air stream. Many of these uses are very similar to that of a traditional fan.

Removal of Fumes: One of the most common functions of an Air Mover in industrial settings is to safely remove a toxic or unpleasant fume or gas from an area.

Movement: Air Movers, by their very name, move air. Thus, they can also be used to convey lightweight objects. This is very helpful for removing lint, dust, paper scraps, leaves, and other small debris from a work area. This can also be useful if the operators are trying to sort small lightweight objects from other smaller, heavier objects which would be unmoved by the air.

Mixing and Agitation: One of the more creative uses for an Air Mover is to agitate liquid in a tank which might be desirable for a number of reasons in some settings. Air Movers are also effective for mixing air with other gases.

Drying: Air Movers are frequently used to dry water off of something, or to dry ink, paints, or other coatings from a surface.

There are many benefits to using an Air Mover machine rather than a different piece of equipment that might serve a similar function. For instance with Air Movers you can instantly start or stop the flow of air as desired. By comparison using a fan or other rotating device would require waiting for the fan blades to quit moving as well as the small amount of upfront lag time while they reach their maximum speed. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you are need very precise, controlled air movement the Air Mover is the better option. They are also a good bit quieter to run than industrial fans.

Air Movers are also safer than many other options because they do not use electricity and thus are less likely to be involved in explosions or fires. This can be a huge boon in any industrial setting. Another big benefit is that since there aren’t any moving parts they do not require regular maintenance and yet are extremely reliable. They are also safer overall than most other similar equipment.

Overall an Air Mover can be a significant help at most industrial sites. Thanks to their portability and wide range of applications they can go almost anywhere and do almost any number of things. Here at GTI we are pleased to be able to offer this useful piece of equipment for rental to customers. Please contact us for rates and other information..